How To Remove Icons From The Android Home Screen

You have bought a device, or are about to sell a device and can’t get the Apple ID off the phone. AnyUnlock is there to help by helping you to get out of that situation in a flash. Want to get rid of the MDM restrictions on your iPhone/iPad csrss exe trojan in chrome? Don’t remember the password of your encrypted iTunes backup? Whichever trouble you are in, AnyUnlock gets you out instantly. This will give you a PIN number which you tell the support representative when you call Apple Support. They will still request additional information to confirm you are the account owner.

  • This email address is your ID and username; that is why it is important to keep it in mind.
  • Select the date and time and click ‘Submit’.
  • When replacing instrument panel cluster assembly, federal law requires that the odometer reading of the replacement unit be set to register the same mileage as the prior odometer.
  • You may find it easier to identify the ones you’d like to delete this way.

Another way you can unlock the device is to use the 2 Factor Authentication feature. It allows you to reset the Apple ID password by sending the reset instructions to a trusted phone number or device. You can then use the reset instructions to reset your password. We would like to start with the most common situation when people forgot Apple ID password. Forgetting our Apple ID password can lead us to complications, especially with accessing our Apple services.

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But, tools like iPhone Unlocker serve as a beacon of hope. Likewise, having sound knowledge of how the various settings of your iPhone and iPad work also play a massive role in helping you out of sticky situations.

If you are going to pass on the Mac to another owner after you factory reset a Mac, you can shut it down at this point. If you will keep this Mac, follow the setup assistant to set up your Mac. Read to knowhow to clean reinstall macOSfrom Recovery Mode, including clean reinstalling the original version, the current version, or the latest compatible version of macOS. These four keys will download the version of macOS that was shipped with your Mac later for OS reinstallation. The Mac will restart when the installation is completed. Allow sufficient time for the installation to complete.

Position And Labeling On Keyboards

Hopefully one of these fixes has resolved the issue you’re having with YouTube videos not working. Share which fix worked for you, or if you’re still having issues, in the comments section below. A good workaround for this is to try using a VPN service to access the YouTube video you want to watch. This “tricks” YouTube into thinking you’re connecting from a different country, which may allow you to view the video.

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Enter your new Apple ID password and re-enter to confirm. Once you have verified your new Apple ID email, you can use it to Sign In into all of your Apple service accounts. Once you are logged in, search for theApple ID and Primary Email Address section and click Edit. You should be able to find this next to your Apple ID email. Enter a new email address and click the Save button. Go to the Manage Apple ID page and log into your account.

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